4 years ago
upload refuses to upload image
says the image is corrupt or already exist. i know it doesn't already exist and i know it's not corrupted.
4 years ago
happened to me too
My hunch is that the file name matched an already existing image. Next time I come across it, I'll try changing renaming the upload file and see if that works.
4 years ago
I gave it the most ridiculous name i could and i still gives me the same error. I think something funny is going on.

I'll see if i can remote another computer in a different state and see if that works. However i'll be doing so on the assumption that A: it's not some bug evolved with my account B: you od not have to have an account to upload.
4 years ago
image dimensions?
When I encountered this problem a few months back, it was because I had forgotten to resize my banner to the standard 460 pixel width, 215 pixel height of standard Steam banners. It seems like the board rejects images that don't match those dimensions. I don't know if this applies to/helps you with your problem, though.
3 years ago
image dimensions!
Yep, I just met this issue and I found out the solution : resizing the picture. It was a few pixels too large. If you ever encounter this problem, resize your picture.
2 years ago
hey guys, how do i upload images aswell? I would like to help this community.

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